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Providing the latest in
non-invasive cosmetic
medical treatments
to help you

Providing the latest in non-invasive cosmetic medical treatments to help you

 Look good & Feel great.

*Our consultation fee is credited toward the cost of your first treatment.

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We use state-of-the-art technology to create natural, subtle results that keep you looking fresh and never ‘overdone’.

Why choose us?

The LookFresh difference

Building confidence since 1992.

Building confidence since 1992.

Building confidence since 1992.

Building confidence since 1992.

Building confidence since 1992.

passion for aesthetics

Where medical expertise meets cosmetic artistry

Dr Tom Parmakellis is LookFresh's owner and lead doctor. He has been a cosmetic physician since 1992.

He introduced laser hair removal into Australia in 1994 at his first practice in Parramatta (Lase-Away). He ran an extremely successful laser practice at this clinic in Parramatta for many years.

Dr. Tom holds a prominent position as the educational event coordinator for the CPCA's NSW branch, highlighting his significant contribution to the field of cosmetic medicine. His dedication to advancing industry knowledge and practice standards showcases his commitment to excellence in patient care and professional development.

As a recognised leader in the field, Dr Tom also runs training programs teaching general practitioners from across the state the art of cosmetic treatments.

Not just general medical staff; everyone at LookFresh has years of training and experience in the field of cosmetic medicine specifically.

Look fresh & Feel great

Look fresh & Feel great

Look fresh & Feel great

Look fresh & Feel great

It's Here

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Not sure which treatment to book?

No problem.

You can book an open-ended consultation and have our experts guide you.

1. Book in for a cosmetic medical consultation

Select 'LookFresh Consultation' from the booking link here on our website, or via phone if you prefer.

2. Discuss your concerns and goals

Our friendly doctors and nurses are here to advise on the best treatment pathway based on your wishes, lifestyle and unique anatomy.

3. We devise a treatment plan

Your treatment plan will be achievable, effective and suit your goals and lifestyle. This is always obligation-free, with some patients choosing to start on the day and others opting to revisit later. It's important to take a holistic approach, so your plan may include skincare and lifestyle recommendations.

4. Follow-up and maintenance

The cosmetic treatment process is more a marathon than it is a sprint. We follow up with you and assess results, outcomes and requirements for maintenance touch-ups.