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Cel-lu-lite (noun); persistent subcutaneous fat causing dimpling of the skin.

A simplified description for a frustrating condition. Cellulite affects 80-90% of women and about 10% of men. It can hinder your confidence level to the point where you feel uncomfortable exposing certain body parts to the rest of the world. Until now there have been virtually no effective treatments to help reduce its presence. When we first heard about Emtone, we knew it had to be included as part of our practice.

What is EMTONE?

EMTONE is a non-surgical treatment specifically designed to treat stubborn cellulite. It helps to tighten and tone skin while eliminating cellulite and improving skin laxity, effectively “ironing out” lumpy skin. EMTONE is the  first ever device to use both mechanical and thermal energy at the same time, combining acoustic wave massage and radiofrequency to create a synergistic effect that neither technology can accomplish on its own.

How does EMTONE work?

EMTONE is the first device to treat all types of cellulite (edematous, flaccid and compact). Most cellulite treatments focus on just one aspect of what causes cellulite, yet it is a multi-factorial problem. Enlarged fat chambers, rigid collagen fibres, poor blood flow, loss of skin elasticity and metabolic waste accumulation all play in part in the appearance of fat cells under the skin. EMTONE addresses all of these concerns, evening out the deposits that cause dimpling. It simultaneously emits thermal energy and acoustic energy to disrupt and stimulate the skin, allowing collagen to undergo structural changes. New collagen continues to be produced for several months, leading to continued improvement in skin texture, laxity and the appearance of cellulite.

How is EMTONE different from other cellulite treatments?

EMTONE is the first of its kind cellulite treatment. Other popular devices used today tend to either tighten the skin or reduce excess fatty tissue. To achieve the goal of cellulite reduction, one would have to undergo several of each type of treatment. EMTONE achieves this goal by combining relevant energetic and mechanical modalities.




In a clinical 3-month follow up on a group of patients, EMTONE was found to achieve:

  • More than 90% patient satisfaction
  • Visible reduction of cellulite in 93% of patients
  • 2.2 cm reduction in thigh circumference
  • Measurable improvement in viscoelasticity in nearly 91% of patients
  • Visible reduction in skin laxity in 86% of patients
  • 1.43 cm reduction in waist circumference

Have you already tried?


Exercise helps reduce fat deposits and increase blood flow.
Unfortunately, it does not target other factors that
significantly contribute to the dimpled surface of the skin,
such as rigid collagen fibers.


The effect of various products is mostly superficial since
they do not typically penetrate into deeper skin layers.
This can lead to the temporary improvement of the skin
appearance but rarely addresses the root factors of cellulite.


Using these devices properly can increase the blood flow
and improve the lymphatic system. However, there is a reduced
ability to target collagen fibers and adipose tissue, considered
the main factors of dimpled skin.

Who is a candidate for EMTONE?

Cellulite does not discriminate, there are no BMI or body type
exceptions. Anyone who wishes to see improvement in stubborn
fat areas and skin tightening can benefit from Emtone.


EMTONE Treatment Areas

EMTONE can be used on many areas affected by these conditions. Common areas of Emtone treatment include those affected by cellulite or skin laxity. These include the buttocks, posterior and front of thighs, knees, upper arms, and abdomen.

EMTONE results: before and after

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will EMTONE results last?

Results have reportedly been noticed after a single treatment but full results will not be seen until after at least 4 sessions. Skin texture and diminished cellulite will continue to improve over the months following the final treatment session and can last for up to 12 months, after which time you may need to return for a touch-up session to continue to see the benefits.

What can I expect during Emtone treatments?

Emtone is pain free with  no downtime. Patients will typically need to undergo at least 4 treatment sessions, scheduled once or twice a week. Session times last around 20 minutes, depending on the area being treated. The treatment is done while you relax in a lying-down position. It has been compared to receiving a hot stone massage, with gradually intensifying heat and intense mechanical vibrations.  After therapy, you may experience a mild heat sensation continuing in the area as well as some redness lasting around 15 minutes. You can resume normal activities immediately.

How much does Emtone cost?

Best results require at least 4 treatments spread over 2-4 weeks. A full package of 4 sessions is $1600.

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