Emface Offer


Buy 4 Emface sessions for $4400 and get 12 months of free anti wrinkle injections.

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Emface Offer


4 sessions for $4400 plus receive 1 year free anti-wrinkle injections. 

This payment is refundable if you are deemed unsuitable for treatment.

Conditions apply:

  • Before photos are taken prior to your first treatment and the after photos are taken 3 months after your last treatment.
  • You must attend and have photos in our clinic at the time specified, otherwise, your guarantee will be voided. 
  • Photos will be assessed by the client and the therapist.
  • If there is any disagreement in the outcome of treatment, then a 3rd independent review by our doctor and the patient’s advocate (if requested) will be relied upon to determine the outcome.
  • The anti-wrinkle injection offer is for 4 treatments booked at 3 monthly intervals over 12 months.
  • Anti-wrinkle injections will be performed by our nurse injectors.
  • A maximum of 30 units will be used at each treatment session. More units can be purchased at the time if required.
  • Top-ups or extra treatments will incur extra costs at the then-current price.
  • Appointments can only be rescheduled once.
  • Failure to attend 2 consecutive anti-wrinkle appointments will void your free injections.
  • Any units not used per treatment cannot be carried forward or transferred to another patient/client.
  • Your before and after Emface photos are the property of Lookfresh and can be used at their discretion for education, marketing, and/or advertising purposes.
  • If you do not agree to the use of your photos you may receive an exemption by writing to drtom@lookfresh.com.au.

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