A balancing water moisturiser for oily skin

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  • Lightweight, non-comedogenic, oil-free formula
  • Reduces oil flow, pore size, breakouts and shine
  • Rebalances hydration levels
A non-comedogenic water moisturiser to balance oily shine and refine pore size. Fortified with botanical extracts and hyaluronic acid, this oil-free formula rebalances lost hydration for a more clarified skin.
Recommended for:
• Oily skin
• Acne prone
• Enlarged pores
Good to Know
• Vegan
• Nut free
• Free from essential oils 
• Free from soy
• Alcohol free
• Gluten free 
• Safe for pregnancy
• Australian made
• pH 5.5 – 6.5
Key Ingredients:
Barosma betulina leaf extract
A plant-derived ingredient high in the active molecule diosmin, which has been shown to inhibit sebocyte differentiation and decrease lipogenesis (oil production) in the oil gland. The active ingredient diosmin is a potent flavonoid from the leaves of barosma betulina and modulates APN action and provides a target for regulating oil production.
Facilities fibroblast growth, collagen production, and works in synergy with glycerine to increase hydration in the skin. Betaine naturally occurs in our own body, including skin and hair. It is called an osmoprotectant as it controls the right water balance of the cell without interfering with normal cellular processes. It can also counteract chemical and mechanical skin irritants. 
Hyaluronic acid
A natural moisturising factor found in the deeper skin layers. Referred to as the ‘natural super moisturiser’, this substance can hold 1000 times its weight in water and is applied topically to hydrate surface skin by constantly attracting moisture. In HydroGel, the grade of hyaluronic acid is high in molecular weight. Hyaluronic acid only reaches the upper epidermis and is used to draw water from the air to hydrate the surface of the skin by 1000:1. 
Sodium lactate
Found naturally in top layers of the skin, sodium lactace makes up part of the protective barrier that keeps our skin supple and hydrated. Due to over-cleaning and harsh cleansing agents, the skin care lose its barrier leading to a tight feeling and flkay skin. Sodium lactate can correct these problems as it attracts and retains water back into the skin and offer superior hydration without adding additional oils. It can also reduce the bacteria on the skin, which leads to congestion and breakouts. 
Bearberry leaf extract
This botanical ingredient extracted from the leaves of the Uva Ursi shrub has a natural ability to reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone that may be caused by blemishes. 

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